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Mar 13, 2024

Gencovery was proud to contribute to the discussion of the Working Group on the Integration of Gut Microbiome in Drug Discovery and Development of Small Molecules. Patrick Jimonet presented this morning the results of this working group at Pharmabiotics 2024 in Lille. We hope that the deliverable of this WG would pave the way to the development of new standardization guidances in the development and use of therapeutics.
Thanks to Wassim Abou-Jaoudé (Gencovery) who attended the discussions and to all the members of the WG for the fruitful discussions. Congratulations to the authors of the produced paper .
(Céline Druart Stéphanie BLANQUET-DIOT Lilia Boucinha Stephanie Kourula Francoise Le Vacon Sylvie Maubant Sylvie Rabot Tom Van de Wiele Schuren Franck Vincent Thomas Walther Bernard Michael Zimmermann)
Thanks to Sandrine Claus, President at Pharmabiotics Research Institute (PRI) and of the Pharmabiotics organization committee, for inviting us to join the event this year.
Gencovery is continuously empowering its platform Constellab™ and pipelines with best practices and standards, in particular in the study of microbial communities.

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