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Oct 26, 2023

Gencovery's team is proud to present the first edition of its newsletter to you, 100% dedicated to Constellab universe.

New features and improvements on October, 2023

Manage your digital ressource

An on-premises digital lab version is out ! You can now install and manage you own digital lab. Learn more about this new functionality here.

Introduction to digital resource in Constellab

Revamped Resource Page: Our resource page has undergone a complete redesign, enhancing both ergonomics and accessibility. It's now more user-friendly than ever before, ensuring you can easily access the information you need.

Report Templates: Say goodbye to repetitive report creation! We've introduced customizable report templates that empower you to build reusable templates for your reports. Save time and maintain consistency across your documentation.

Dynamic Report Generation: Thanks to our latest innovation, your reports practically write themselves! New tasks have been introduced to automatically populate reports based on experiment results, whether they involve figures or text. It's a game-changer for efficiency and accuracy in your reporting process.

A selection of our latest stories

⭐ Constellab Connect 2023 : The Live on Youtube

⭐ How to extract trends from data using Principal Component Analysis in Constellab?

⭐ How to query an SQLite database using Constellab?

This month, a focus on ...

The second Constellab Connect event took place at the beginning of September.
This event brought together a panel of professionals from researchers, academics and data scientists to discuss the topic of Artificial Intelligence for R&D in Biotechnology. The day was an opportunity to show how Constellab users are putting the platform to work for them, and also to demonstrate how we at Gencovery are putting the levers into action to solve our customers' data management problems.

Upcoming events and more

Gencovery's Webinars kick off :

Constellab, the digital ecosystem to accelerate your complex r&d projects. 

Tuesday, November 21th 12:15 a.m.


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