How to maximize metagenomic and microbiota datasets

Apr 23, 2022

Hi, I’m Romain De Oliveira, bioinformatician at @Gencovery.
In my quest to find/create painless bioinformatics solutions for data analysis, I’m here today to tell you about the things I’m proud of we are currently doing at Gencovery.
To make a long story short, the emergence of #metagenomics was a major event for the #microbiology community in the 70s. It provided #genomics and #bioinformatics with incredible new tools combining advanced statistical and mathematical algorithms. It created an effervescence in the #microbiology and ecology scientific community!
🧬 Who could have guessed 100 years ago a brand-new kingdom of life would be discovered thanks to rRNA?
We now have the chance to assess with an unprecedented precision #microbiota and figure out its importance for animal, plant and human health. It allows environmental samples deep investigation and bioproduction process survey.

⚠️ We at Gencovery have the mission to provide simple and easy to use solutions for omics data analysis.
Gencovery created the uBiome digital brick to help you process your #microbiome data of interest to achieve your goal flawlessly.

To learn more, visit 🌐, and join us on the odyssey to make your R&D easier, faster, and together.
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Thanks to my colleagues and our private and academic partners who made everything possible.
Greetings 🤚

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