Newsletter 2: Smart Data Hub Technology

22 déc. 2023


Gencovery's team invites you to take a look back on Constellab universe in 2023 and more!

Replay the webinar

Tuesday, November the 21th have been launched our series of webinar with "Constellab, the full digital ecosystem to boost your R&D projects". Find the pitch below and the link here.

Webinaire: Constellab, l’écosystème digital pour accélérer vos projets complexes en R&D

Unleash Data Magic! 📈 Watch our webinar for advanced data analytics, visualization, and problem-solving in the world of biological data analysis. This webinar is the first of Gencovery's series about Constellab. It's part of several upcoming webinars. They will ultimately allow scientists to learn how to use Constellab to conduct high-quality data analysis and drive complex R&D projects faster and easier than before. 

Upcoming in 2024: Smart Data Hub Technology

The Smart Data Hub has been designed on Constellab to unify and significantly enhance the federation, structuring, analysis, and traceability of your data throughout your R&D and production pipelines.

Thanks to smart connectors, the smart data hub effortlessly interfaces with your laboratory instruments/sensors and data sources (data warehouse, data lake, data bank, sample repository, clinical data management system, and your digital laboratories' data analysis pipelines, etc.).

The combination of raw data storage, analysis results, and metadata (context data) enables numerous applications in life sciences:

  • Accessing all analyses steps conducted on a dataset at a glance

  • Cross-referencing results from different datasets

  • Extracting reliable insights through data analysis and visualization using bioinformatics, biostatistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence toolboxes.

Listen to our expert Nour LARIFI talk about the Smart Data Hub: 

"The capabilities of a data hub unfold in myriad ways, with one captivating scenario highlighting its transformative impact.
Imagine someone goes for a regular check-up and doctors spot something unusual. This person then becomes a potential candidate for a research institute dedicated to understanding their illness better. Now, the patient undergoes various tests : neurological exams, blood tests, and even advanced genome sequencing like RNAseq or single-cell sequencing. 
Here's where the magic happens. All the crucial data, from test results to the patient's details, gets gathered in a central hub a kind of digital meeting place. This hub isn't just a storage space; it's a communication bridge between different teams in different departments. Neurologists, lab techs, geneticists they all share insights seamlessly. 
This simple, connected approach means everyone gets on the same page. Healthcare pros and researchers collaborate effortlessly, painting a clearer picture of the patient's health. This way, any hypotheses about the illness can be thoroughly checked because all the necessary info is in one place. It's like having a shared workspace for data, making research smoother and more effective across the board."

This year, a focus on ...

NEXTGEN BIOPROCESS: Biotech for the Future. 🔮

We are excited to share the latest exciting news about our "NextGen Bioprocess" project! This initiative is the result of collaboration between industry and research players, including Gencovery, Greencell, BIOASTER, with the valuable support of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region and Lyonbiopole.

The goal of NextGen? We have a clear objective: to revolutionize bioprocesses for the future! 

Our first steps are already underway, and we are working hard to implement the first prototypes of this cutting-edge technology that will reinvent the way we produce and use bioprocesses. This means increased efficiency, reduced waste, and a smaller environmental footprint. We would like to express our deep gratitude to the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Lyonbiopole, and Bpifrance for their invaluable support in this ambitious venture. Without them, this ambitious project would not be possible.

Stay tuned for regular updates on our #NextGenBioprocess journey. It aligns perfectly with the National Acceleration Strategy in Bioproduction, in connection with the Digitalization of the biotechnology industry (Industry 4.0), and the use of Artificial Intelligence in ensuring process robustness. 

Past events and more...

5 to 8 of June, Bio in Boston

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12 of September, Constellab Connect 

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5 & 6 of october, Mabdesign in Lyon 

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7 to 9 of November, BigBooster

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22 & 23 of Novembre 2023 Constellab's team were at the journées POLEPHARMA de #microbiomique in Rouen.

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7 of December, Webinar with AFFSI

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25 of January, 2024, New Webinar upcoming about metagenomics...

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