Data interoperability is the greatest challenge in life sciences.

27 mars 2024

The 27th of march morning marked the launch of the Forum LABO Lyon 2024 with the opening conference: the "laboratory of tomorrow" will be collaborative, decarbonized, and digital. Our CEO Djomangan Adama OUATTARA was present and was able to discuss all the contributions of the Constellab platform on topics of digital laboratory, collaboration, CSR...

This conference was also animated by:

✅ Florence Agostino Etchetto - Director of Lyonbiopôle Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

✅ Valérie Sauvant-Moynot Director of Investment and Projects at PULSALYS (57)

✅ Céline Paillier Turetta - President of Cosmetin Lyon

✅ Karine Charton - Associate Director of Phaxiam Therapeutics

✅ Dr. Nico Forraz - Founding CEO of CTIBiotech

✅ Julien BARTHES - Founding CEO of 3Deus Dynamics

✅ Vivien HENRYON - Founding CEO of @Activation

✅ Sami BOU-ANTOUN - CEO of Vidium Solutions

✅ Raouf Medimagh (PhD. Eng.) - Chief Innovation & Technology Officer at Recyc'Elit🌍 [We're Hiring!]

The Forum LABO is also an opportunity for Gencovery to meet actors in the laboratory sector dedicated to research, production, and control.

Equipment suppliers are key players in the data generation chain. The amount of data generated is an untapped resource that could drastically improve competitiveness, innovation, and productivity in laboratories.

💡 97% of data generated in hospitals is not used

💡 There are more than 6000 laboratory instruments

💡 There are over 25,000 data analysis tools

Constellab accelerates data-driven innovation, positioning itself as a leader in interoperability by enabling:

📩 Data structuring

📊 Real-time data analysis

🔎 Traceability and reproducibility of data analyses

💻 Standardization of data analysis processes

Gencovery is a leader in the digital continuity of laboratory activities.

Find us all day on site at the Forum LABO,

Do not hesitate to contact Florent Testud or Djomangan Adama OUATTARA to discuss these issues.

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