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Nahibu is a private research laboratory, working closely with private companies and public institutes to better understand and use the microbiome of humans and animals. Its dedication to understanding and utilizing the power of the microbiome drives Nahibu to holistic approach, unlocking new insights and innovations in health and wellness.


Nahibu provides high-quality metagenomic data associated with a panel of 4,000 correctly annotated individuals.

The data can be explored and analyzed partially or in full using a rich panel of bioinformatics, machine learning and statistical tools provided via the Constellab platform. Thanks to their expertise in microbiota and bioinformatics, Nahibu and Gencovery have selected a very complete panel of turnkey analysis tools that will allow you to save time using your data.

These data and analysis pipelines are updated and versioned regularly to allow you to ensure digital continuity in your research and development activities.


Please contact our sales and client-success service below


Please contact our sales and client-success service below

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Contact our sales and client-success service

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